Blogging is for cool kids.

by ak

the breakfast of champions

The coolest picture i could muster. taken by my sister.

I have been staring at my screen… which was about as blank as my brain pattern. No-one warns you about the pressures of blogging. And the possibility of worldwide ridicule!

I know blogging is a cool thing to do.  And i am, sadly, not particularly cool. But i figured that i do some cool stuff – which would ultimately culminate in a cool blog (despite my latent personal un-coolness). I also get to find cool stuff on a day to day basis. The thought of daily website updates ( is just too tedious to bear. Again – the benefits of blogging are becoming apparent. Perhaps then, not only are the cool kids cool, but they are brim-full of wisdom.

I am working on a couple of really fun projects – which i will keep you (literally) posted on. And i will attempt to prepare some deep and meaningful thoughts for tomorrow. (They take preparation).