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A view in, and a view out


Chaos (well) orchestrated

Tailored vs Exposed

Tailored vs Exposed

Slick, without being over-slick

Slick, without being over-slick

A very impromptu get together to celebrate Tiaan’s new studio/shop in 44 Stanley.

I am trying to keep my posts as far from verbose as I can… but I have this deep seated urge just to ladle this blog with superlatives.

So with a tablespoon of self restraint : the space is as gorgeous as the clothes. A mixture between easy comfort and strict minimalism. His tagline could not be more appropriate or more refreshing – orchestrated chaos. I wish I had thought of it first!!

His ‘mini shanty town’ is something out of my deepest childhood desires. And yet, it also meets with the standards of some of the most winsome, beautifully considered, personally detailed current retail interiors in the world.

A recent trip to the beautiful buenos aires opened my eyes to a whole new side of retail design… I like to think of it as a ‘non intimidation’ approach…

Which Tiaan has captured with perfect grace.