The Smell of Coffee

by ak

Bean There - Interior

Bean There - Interior

Spoon/ Clip contraption in my fridge

Spoon/ Clip contraption in my fridge

It’s just too difficult to resist. And I must give The Benefactor credit for this discovery. He was waxing lyrical about the coffee at this new little spot on 44 Stanley Ave. And I clearly recall thinking to myself “how good can it really be? It’s just coffee?”. Oh how silly I can be.

It is that good. And as the first post in My Happy Places, it damn well should be.

Ok, so the main business is actually selling coffee – Bean There is about beans and roasting them. They just happen to sell some heavenly coffees while they are at it. I like this about the whole place – “we make really good coffee, but better beans.”

This has also led me to become the biggest giver of bean related gifts around – nothing beats the feeling of handing over a bag of freshly ground coffee to an overworked comrade. The delicious smell escapes through the ventilation panel- but only enough to get your mouth watering.

Bean There is one of my happy places, because it’s well put together without being overly precious. It’s exposed industrial detailing (which pretty much comes with the territory at 44 Stanley) is not too ‘edgy’- so that you feel you need to only wear black skinny jeans with heavy set, black rimmed glasses to fit in. Unfinished timber, slick white sections, colonial timber shutters and awesome vintage pewter sugar bowls.

Some parts are new (shelving), and some parts are old (antique filing cabinets that the coffee rests on). Opposite the neatly fitted out service counters, is what looks like a vintage roaster to me – but as a bean roasting amateur’s perception, I could be very wrong. And the smell from this contraption?? It’s truly an olfactory acid trip.

And then there are the pictures of the Bean There Team’s trips to Ethiopia,Ghana and Tanzania where they organically and fairly source their beans. Which gives you just another reason to feel good about the stuff.

They also sell a small variety of coffee related gifts – I don’t really know how to operate any of those silver funny looking things. But one of the most life enhancing gifts from The Benefactor must be the spoon/clip to seal my beloved bags of hedonism.

Scale and photos in the background

Scale and photos in the background

Cup of coffee and bag for the week

Cup of coffee and accompanying bag for the week

Meeting room for rent.

Meeting room for rent. Pretty urban concept.