Enjoying simplicity

by ak

Saigon Pho


Saigon Pho

Dragon Pearl Tea

Aah… Happy Places.

Saigon Pho is one of those places that you are hesitant to try – only because Vietnamese food is not a well known culinary option here in the land of boerewors and braais.

The simple set up is deceivingly cosy and warm. But I am a big fan of getting the basics right.

It’s signature dish is Pho – literally, a broth. Which admittedly is very medieval sounding – but I guarantee you will walk out of there with an ingestion of herbs and minerals your body won’t know what to do with. Another thing you must try is the Dragonpearl tea – and watch a perfect pink flower unfold in your glass teapot.

If you look closely at the pictures on the walls, you will see a dude (who I can only imagine is the owner) motorbiking through Vietnam. Nice touch. I have also subsequently found out that the dude is the owner, and his delightful wife is the co-owner and chef. They are very polite – even though they are starting to recognise me – and greet me with a knowing grin whenever I flop down at the same table I flop down at every visit. One warning : the tables are a little low for us westerners, so be careful of banging your knees.

Saigon Pho

A view down one alley

Saigon Pho

Down the other alley