Who would have thought glass could be so exciting?

by ak


I promise that this is very exciting

It’s one of those small things that make me so deeply joyful. Glass.

When a project’s glass installed, you know you are on the home stretch. Netherwood Chapel had it’s frameless glass stacking doors installed last week – this means that its just the final touches and retouches – ceiling boards, light fittings, plug box covers and other items that, according to The Benefactor, only excite me. I think he classifies glass in the same section – but I am going to tell you about it anyway. What is pretty cool – even if the glass track system is not all the impressive – is the view. Summer has rolled in and the hills have turned a Sound of Music green. So start practising your  best rendition of the “Hills are Alive…” for early 2010 building completion.

Will keep you posted on all the unexciting items.


Glass - tick.