Pottery – it’s way cool

by ak

Pottery 1

Everything has to start somewhere - preferably with a bottle of red wine

Pottery by fluorescent light

Pottery by fluorescent light

I started pottery with My Fellow Neurotic. And it was awesome! But one small problem… it sadly only lasted one month and one really bad bowl. I didn’t even get the chance to improve on my first attempt? Hopefully our little class  will be relocated to a new studio – where we can make some more bowls. Or where i can, at least, improve on my last bowl!

One thing must be said, that despite my clearly lacking natural potting talent – I had an absolute blast. Not the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore-in-Ghost-kind of blast. More the polishing-a-bottle-of-wine, a-round-of-cheese-with-watermelon-preserve-and-laughing-hysterically-kind of blast. Plus there is the added bonus of being able to get your hands dirty. Sticky with watermelon preserve, and filthy with clay. My Fellow Neurotic and I talked about all sorts of things that don’t have a place in other conversations – the kind of scandal you can only whisper across your poor attempt at free flowing creativity. And the funny thing is, I am normally very sensitive to criticism (I am working on it) – and never have I so enjoyed having my (relatively sensitive) handiwork insulted? The more My Fellow Neurotic told me that his bowl was much better than mine, the better I felt?

And you will notice that my bowl is words. I am all about words at the moment. My words are becoming intrinsic to my creativity – in both an abstract and an obvious (blog) way. And if you look closely at the bowl, you will also see mistakes. I am learning to laugh about them more. But thats about enough psycho babble for now.

Lets hope the Master Potter relocates us – Pottery is so much cheaper than therapy.

Bowl 1

A bowl of words and mistakes

Detail 2

Note to self - don't lose your train of thought. It makes for very confusing reading later.

Top View

Almost looks like floating words?