The shape of light

by ak


Flying U's, Flapping birds and the cityscape pixellated

Scarlett o’Hara decided we needed some culture in the form of a musical.

I feel a little deprived of the culture of The Musical – we didn’t really do musical as kids? We were more the Disney Movie type of kids. Or He-Man and She-Ra. Or Thundercats – I loved Thundercats more than sugar as a young’un.

Back to the musical – I didn’t really know all the songs, like most of the audience – but it was fun watching the very talented cast. Scarlett o’Hara actually said that she wished she could “sing or dance or draw or sew”. The funny thing is, that I think that a lot of people that can sing, may not necessarily be able to dance, draw or sew… We had a little laugh about the mutually exclusive nature of talents.

But after the Musical, we drove through the city – a fantastic opportunity to pull out the camera on the M1 and just click – with varying and consistently unexpected results. Check out the various shapes of light – some look like birds, others look like seahorses – and throw in a bit of contemporary impressionism (oversized pixellation seen here and there).

And no, I am not on acid.

city lights

Floating sea horses and Flying boomerangs.