Homeware – almost in my vice-like grip

by ak

blueberry hill cup

blueberry hill cup

blueberry hill saucer

blueberry hill saucer

I am trying to find more colourful ways of wording the patience I have had to self-implement – as well as the subsequent satisfaction I have been experiencing. And this time of year, my vocabulary is less than adequate. Apart from the plethora of swearwords that I resort to – to counteract this condition in my word bank.

Hence… you may find this post short… but very sweet. Hopefully.

After the initial battle to find a suitable manufacturer for the Blueberry Hill homeware range – the war is won! Prototypes of a beautiful standard arrived (on time) last week. It’s tremendously strange looking back at your sketches at this point – because the line drawing has been turned into an object. A couple of tweaks, and early 2010 should see porcelain proliferating various retail halfway houses and drinking holes.

At this point – I must just mention that Scarlett o’Hara was the inspiration behind the Toast Saucer. She always nibbles on her husband’s morning toast – before he can have a bite – because “she can’t carry it all”. Well, now the eternally-indebted-to-me husband can have his toast, and Scarlett, can have hers.

Will keep you updated on final releases etc.

blueberry hill prototype 1

blueberry hill cup and saucer in the flesh

blueberry hill prototype 2

blueberry hill plan view

blueberry hill prototype 3

blueberry hill homeware - step 1