I love it when a plan comes together

by ak


LabLights get their time to shine

The Lab Lights arrived last week! And the sheer joy is on a par with still believing in the tooth fairy. A fairy that gives you money in exchange for milk teeth? Awesome.

So in between driving to Netherwood and back for a site visit – that’s another story all together-  I had the first LabLight nestled on the front seat, wrapped delicately in bubble wrap. I was as precious about this silly little light, as i would be about… well, my milk teeth? Anyway, I will post pictures – as soon as I can take a half decent one. The weather has been so god-awful that there is very little reason or motivation to photograph the light – no light and shadow to play with. Just miserable, freezing cold, uninspiring weather.

In the interim, my whole army LabLights will be making an appearance at the above Collaboration. Good times.