tuneless with glee

by ak


Chapel approach

Walking up to the chapel on the perfect day


I travelled down to Netherwood recently to just touch base – and to check on the progress. And I have always sung the praises of Douglas the Builder… But this trip left me speechless. And more than likely tuneless. What amazes me about Doulgas the Builder, is how tidily he runs the site. In fact, I would even argue that the building site, on average, is cleaner than my apartment – on average. I wanted to sing praises with my arms outstretched on the edge of the newly terraced-but-not-yet-green platform that overlooks the graceful rolling hills below. My emotional response to this trip was also fuelled by the fact that it was the most beautiful day I have seen in Nottingham Road.

Chapel Pulpit

The late afternoon light tumbles through the pulpit


I don’t want to give too much away about this project before the big opening in 2010… But it’s just too difficult not to share! I am desperately trying to learn to be more secretive.

for more information, check out the Netherwood site.


NW Chapel Landscaping

Newly terraced chapel, and... view.