Hiding in and amongst corporates

by ak

Vida in Sandton

Recognise the brand? Didn't think so.

So there is this coffee shop in the heart of Sandton – and I swore not to include that word in my Happy Places. But I guess what is a mind worth, if you can’t change it. I still don’t like the word Sandton, I like it less in  conjunctions with City.

And I still fulfill my other criteria – which is not to include the words exclusive, or opportunity.

Anyway, about the Happy Place. I’m not sure if anyone will recognise the branding? *typed with a smirk and bucket of sarcasm*. Yip, i heart the corporate-break-for-coffee-and-a-cigarette-in-my-baby-blue-checked-shirt-and-grey-suit-pants-with-matching-baby-blue-tie hotspot. I love the desperately-uncomfortable-too-tight-skirt-suits that the girls wear to look more professional. I love listening to the lawyers from some local law firm, bitching about their boss – who is called something like a “partner”… how can you have that many partners in a business? Some birds partner for life, some people partner up… but logically, for me, you can only have one partner at any give time. Of course, I might not be as highly skilled at partner management as them lawyers. Please don’t take these observations as gospel truth… I observe these folk as much as I observe the cool kids in their skinny jeans and assymetrical hair cuts. But all in all, the Sandton Vida satisfies my curiosity… as i sip on my Mucho Cappucino, and give my crappy Lindt Noir chocolate to The Benefactor (I hate dark chocolate), whilst sitting in the dappled sunlight of the Leopard Trees. It really is strangely lovely to be still while the world whizzes around you, just for a couple of minutes, before you join in with the whirlwind again.

By the way, the Acer is The Benefactor’s – that’s waaay too practical for me.