To hell with new year’s resolutions.

by ak

Well, to hell with good intentions, and with New Year’s resolutions.


The wall of images has mushroomed. But atleast this photo will remind me of a time it was ordered.

I decided on the first of January of this very fine year (on a beach in Mozambique), that i would be more dedicated to keeping my blog updated. Let me tell you one thing, blogging is seriously hard work!? So when people turn their noses up at blogs – normally followed by : “How hard can it really be just to write”… i say to all you : just try it, i dare you.

But enough of that.

2009 was a superb year. So suberb, in fact, that i did not have time to post a little recap. Which i will have to do this year. But the great thing about blogs, is they keep the history for you. So I will attempt that task as soon as i have managed to get through the fortress of drawings that need revision.

And 2010, so far, has been superber. Oh there are some deliriously exciting things going on! I shall update you systematically – because, purely, that it is the only intrigue i have to my name.

But the first exciting item on the agenda is : a little office… i have never been this excited about one square metre. And it has not been this tidy since the picture was taken.

Welcome 2010, and my tiny corner of this vast and enormous world.