Design Indaba 2010

by ak

I am writing this post from a (relatively) quiet little corner at my hotel. I have had little Internet and even less time for any updates – but I felt that I must find space and time to update my blog.

Design Indaba (thus far) has been overwhelming. And that is a mild adjective in comparison of what I really feel. The wonderful warmth the design community has shown has been utterly humbling. The optimism and support from visitors (designers, anti designers, tourists, teachers, a plumber, buyers, press, two ridiculous ‘smouses’ and my all time hero Ilse Crawford) has left me a little confused, but a lot grateful.

I have some hysterical tales from this tremendous weekend (involving a lot of antics,and some awfully embarrassing interactions with a certain all time hero), that I will update this week.

But in the interim, thank you from the bottom of my designer-black heart.