“But does it light up?”

by ak

Anatomy Design at Design Indaba

The Anatomy Stand at Design Indaba 2010

2010 Design Indaba Sketch

The idea behind it all. Strange to think back.

I owe a lot, to a lot of people… which equates to a lot of owing all round.

Design Indaba came and went – from conception to execution!

The stand at Design Indaba came out beautifully – which I credit fully to the sum of it’s parts. Each designer not only produced a fantastic item (or two) – but also filled the 4 square metres with more enthusiasm and fun than should really be acceptable for such a cool show.

Geraldine Fenn trooped through the long hours – and an enormous thanks must go out to Eric (who not only exhibited his own show at a Salon 99 Art Gallery, but also managed to bring us coffee and keep us company).

Gareth Henderson, who checked if people had voted for the Lab Light, and if they argued, his response was : “But does the ring light up? No.” He managed to be cheerful through the brother induced hangover, and the long hours.

I spent more time with Tiaan Nagel, than I spend with most people in a small space. His sense of humour kept all my nerves at bay, and he was even thoughtful enough to check in about the stand, in between asking the beautiful Juanete to marry him. Now that, is commitment to the cause.

Vanessa from Avo photography helped us get all the photography done in time – even managing to photograph the stand for us in between her lectures.

Sarah Buitendach whizzed in and out and brought a refreshing glamour to the tired team

And the tag teaming ‘Smouses’ that make up Pedersen and Lennard were just wonderful to have around. but there will be more info about those two in the next couple of posts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.