Tiaan Nagel / Anatomy Design opens it’s doors

by ak


Welcome to Tiaan Nagel / Anatomy Design

3 days of construction, 6 workmen, 15l of paint and about 3000 screws…resulted in 150 guests, 7bottles of Bombay Sapphire, 22 bottles cranberry juice, 4 enormous sourdoughs, some cheese and a hearty evening was held by all.

Tiaan Nagel / Anatomy Design is a collaborative project – which came about from working together on a number of past projects. Despite being in ‘separate’ fields of design, Tiaan Nagel and Anatomy Design share a very cohesive aesthetic – and decided to combine their ‘separate’ fields into a unique design destination. All products are made, proudly, in South Africa – with a focus on beautiful detailing and an emphasis on quality.