Handsome Steve

by mh

We have had a very exciting and very busy last few months with all our new projects, thank goodness during part this crazy time of year we had an intern/0.5 who was very handsome.

Those who met Steve could not believe we could concentrate with such a man around us, others simply stopped and stared, and a few even compared him to that of the Statue of David… And so Handsome Steve was born…

Handsome Steve

Apart from being handsome, Steve is also hugely talented- while working for us he become a professional Toilet and Smoking sign designer  (the people of JHB are still talking about  your work Steve). He is also a CAD master (if you need CAD advice just ask for Handsome Steve), and the one-of-a-kind storage unit he worked on is set to become the next big global trend?

The One-of-a-kind Storage Unit

Maybe not so much

Handsome Steve we need your skills and fine looks around us more often- come back and work with us….