Design Indaba 2011

by ak

Anatomy Design's Glass Office at Design Indaba


Here we go –

Enormous thanks to Michelle Hibbert for her beautiful photos – and for once again, coming to the rescue! She’s young and talented – and just moved to Cape Town after an illustrious career in London.

Enormous-er thanks to Gideon at Primador who at first thought we were mad, but helped us frame the large glass panes. And then to Dawie at Glassmen, who also laughed, but pulled out all the stops to help us get this crazy idea built.

Enormous-est thanks to Hugh from Glass Africa for allowing us to toy with their new Glass Printing Machine – to print an elevation of a very old fashioned space onto panes of bright polished glass. It was a wild idea – but thanks to the team, it turned into a very beautiful reality.

Paired Desk - printed glass with steel and brass base

Paired Love Seat - Solid Ash, Mahogany and Brass


Anatomy Design's printed (literally) glass stand