Bachelor Pad

by ak

TV Room looking towards dining room / kitchen

The important thing to remember about men :

They love TV.

They love beer.

They don’t like to share creature comforts. or Biltong.

Those are your only 2 constraints.

The space used to have a very dinky ‘sun room’ (what were our fore father thinking?). Which was obliterated to make room for the new and improved TV Room. In that TV room, we made sure that both Joey and Ross got their own over sized armchair, from which to watch rugby on their oversized TV.

In the kitchen, you can catch a glimpse of Pedersen and Lennard’s bucket stools – so that any bystanders can fill their bar stool with ice, and literally, sit on their beer. More kicthen details to come –

An armchair each. Only supplying one would have caused War.

Black Pedersen and Lennard stools at the new kicthen