Monday Blues – something a little more serious

by ak

No 10 by Mark Rothko - 1950. Oil on canvas

(click on image to go to MoMA)

I don’t really believe in Monday Blues. Or get them for that matter.

Partly because Mondays are really like any other day… including Saturday’s and Sundays (*gasp* – yeah yeah yeah).

However, to avoid sounding like, as my sister would say, “Debbie-Downer”, I would like to add a little section to this blog.

I have found myself arguing with the incomparably fair and annoyingly reasonable Benefactor on a couple of topics that i get pretty fiery about. And i find myself at a loss for a better argument. This results in my huffing and puffing and blowing into my pillow.

But in the end, he is right.

All things are comprised of 3 parts – your story, their story and the truth.

… So that’s what Monday Blues will be about.

I am no political expert, and I am no social commentator (despite his better thoughts, neither is the Benefactor) – but perhaps this little segment make you think (as it does me), bring some positivity, and a little perspective for the week ahead.