Monday Blues – Godspeed Sipho

by ak

This is a hard one to type… or word really. or to publish at all.

I recently got a call from Martin from The Office – you might know him from the coolest drinks spot in Greenside.

He introduced me to Sipho a couple of years ago.

I worked very closely with Sipho –  handy-manning/ deliveries / general building / quick fixing… he was my man. Only a phone call away, with a sense of humor about even the weirdest requests.

Martin’s call was to tell me that Sipho had passed away.

The world carried on. Our deadlines didn’t change. and it is with a heavy heavy heart that i wish Sipho godspeed.

If anyone does need handy-manning/ deliveries / general building / quick fixing – his right hand man Daniel is carrying on with the work. Give us a shout if you would like his number.