Lyngby Porcelain

by ak


My trip to Copenhagen almost a year ago, was humbling on many levels. One of the most important lessons I learnt over there, was that we need to embrace what we do well in South Africa, and what the rest of the world does better.

I saw many things, drank many cups of (very expensive) coffee, and listened to stories of inheritance. 

In Denmark, the toys your father played with, become your toys. The vases your mother collected, you eventually collect. This tradition comes from an understanding of design value, and craftsmanship – something that we, as South Africans, are still learning about. Homeware, and objects we love, should be cherished both for their history, or potential history,

With this thought, we introduce to you the Lyngby Porcelain range – from the manufacturers :


An icon is resurrected – Lyngby vase

What is the Lyngby vase?

This cylindrical white vase was designed from the 30s ideology to unite form and function. Superfluous ornamentation and hand-painted motifs would no longer be part of the design – arts could stand in its pure form and be usable. The Lyngby vase is a beautiful testament to a porcelain factory – Denmark’s perception of this new functional wave, where noble craft merges with modern techniques and a radically different design. An innovation that created this timeless vase of very high caliber.

 It’s been 43 years since the last Lyngby-vase was produced – and now resurrected in all its purity and splendour. Nothing has changed, neither technique, glaze or designed. The resurgent Lyngby Porcelain behind the launch and with the utmost care and reverence recreated this classic icon – Lyngby vase.



We hope to become part of a new age of collectors. The kind that collect for ourselves, but also for that moment, that our collection becomes our children’s.

I heard a great quote today (excuse me if this is completely wrong! It was mentioned in passing before i had a chance to grab a notebook) : It is the sign of a healthy society, when people plant trees who’s shade they will never see.