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Exciting 2013 Projects…

by ak

Last year we completed an awesome office for content design agency- Clearwater.

Here is a feature of the space in the March issue of House and Leisure …

HL_048_055_Heads up_offices.inddThank you to House and Leisure for this wonderful article.

Photos by: Aubrey Jonsson

by meghesse


… And we are back!

by meghesse

Dear readers

Firstly, we owe you an apology for being so quiet over the last 2 months.

We have been busy with some very exciting changes, a pile of new projects and staying out of trouble.

There has been little rest for the wicked…

no rest for the wicked

What we have been so busy with: 

1. A partnership has been formed between Andrea and Megan and we were kept busy formalising that

2. We had a brilliant launch to celebrate our new partnership and our lovely store

3. We have just completed a collection of studio projects and are busy working on another 16 interiors

4. The store has taken off so we have been very sourcing, scheming and designing beautiful new products and furniture

5. We are working on some ‘secret’ (soon to be released) non-interior, non-store projects

6. We have launched an online store, re-designed our website, opened an instagram account and tapped into all sorts of social media

7. We’ve started designing brilliant new packaging for the store

8. We’ve been building relationships with new design friends in Paris and Denmark

9. We have accumulated a menagerie of interns – who we have been training, and we’ll introduce to you along the way

10. And then there is our general nonsense which we always make time for

We will share details on the above soon so keep checking in for updates on whats been keeping us so busy.

Clear Water Offices

by meghesse

For the last few months we have been busy with a wonderful interior for a fun JHB based office called Clear Water. Our client is a very tasteful man with the most amazing South African art collection (I can not deny my jealousy here), both of these factors make our job very easy.

As you will see in the photos below we have had some interesting moments with his furniture. Of course his staff are a very talent bunch and decorate the space with scribbles as we go along… We are busy with a lot of installations and deliveries at the moment so will post more photos soon.

Anatomy Design_CW 1

Sunday Times Home Weekly

by canshepp

The beautiful spread shows that the home really is were the heart is!

13_01_2013 01 01HW1301HomeWeekly_AL_6-7

DW Sofa

by ak

The DW Sofa was originaly designed for Mr DW’s house – here.

We were commissioned to design the Business Day Wanted stand  at the 2012 Joburg Art Fair – and with a couple of tweaks and fixes, we were finalised the format of the Sofa.

The gist of it is : choose your shape, made up of any combination (or hybrid) of these parts, and we will make it for you.

For sizes and specs – have a look at our website

AnatomyDesign_DW Full AnatomyDesign_DW_A Sofa AnatomyDesign_DW_B Chaise

House Mr DS

by ak

It’s not often one gets the complete freedom to design the ultimate Man-Cave.

(for a little more history on the project – find it’s archives here)

Here are the photos – there are still many books to collect to fill these shelves

It’s also on our website – here

Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS Anatomy Design_House DS

House DS – the ultimate study

by ak

Some quick snap shots of the final product!

The leather inset desk turned out so well – we are working on adding it to our catalogue.

Loin Cloth and Ashes – breathtaking

by ak

Anisa from Loin Cloth and Ashes sent us some tickets to her show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – sorry this is a bit late!

These crappy-blurry-i-was-too-excited-phone-photos do not do the show any justice – a sea of gorgeous amazons storming towards the end of the runway… in the coolest african prints, metallics and… white? An utter delight of the senses.

Can’t wait for some of these items to be in her store… The perfect christmas gift for my sisters.

House DS – The ultimate small study

by ak

I just realised that i haven’t posted anything about this awesome job yet…

(that’s what happens when you get lost in work)

This is House Mr DS – it has been such a pleasure to work for this absolute gentleman.

We started with some references and sketches –

which was then built off site, while the existing study was stripped :

More in the next post!